The recommended way of updating your pricing on LeaseFetcher is by uploading your latest pricing CSV (or ZIP) via your provider dashboard.

Import Information

All files in your dashboard will be validated and processed every evening at 7pm and will appear on the site the following morning at 4am.

ZIP files should only contain one CSV file.

If you do not have any valid files in your dashboard at 7pm all of your pricing will be removed from the site the following morning.

Existing deals are unaffected by pricing updates.

If your CSV fails to validate then your pricing will be removed from the site until a valid sheet is supplied.

Please note that any manual updates to pricing you have performed via the LeaseFetcher provider dashboard will also be lost when the scheduled import takes place.

Deal Expiry Dates

If no expiry date is specified in your CSV then the price will be set to expire 30 days from the date the CSV was added to your bucket.

Automated Imports

It is possible to automate the delivery of your pricing sheet by having it programmatically uploaded to your allocated directory within our LeaseFetcher S3 bucket.

Important: If you are automating your feed please make sure that it always has the same filename otherwise multiple sheets will be imported.

Example code on how to do this can be accessed here:

If you have any have further questions please email